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          Welcome to the official website of Chengde suken Galaxy connecting rod Co., Ltd!

          Consultation hotline:



          Chengde city relies on its advantages to promote industrial integration and create a uplift belt of

          Release time:2021-10-19 15:18:58Reading volume:

          Equipment manufacturing industry used to be a traditional advantageous industry in Chengde, with a glorious history.

          In the national and provincial equipment manufacturing industry, although Chengde accounts for a small proportion, it has a position that can not be ignored by enterprises in the same industry, the same field and even the same industry in the country. It has a fine, specialized and advanced technical level and once became a key pillar industry. After the 1990s, in the tide of market economy, Chengde's equipment manufacturing industry was no longer prosperous. Some enterprises lost their leading position in China, and some even went bankrupt and delisted.

          Phoenix Nirvana, reborn. After years of exploration and practice, Chengde industrial economy rethinks its positioning. In order to promote the rapid development of equipment manufacturing industry, promote the process of new industrialization and realize the overall revitalization of industry, the characteristic equipment manufacturing industry represented by intelligent instruments and auto parts has developed rapidly. The equipment manufacturing industry, as the main direction of industrial attack and the breakthrough of structural adjustment in the future, will take a big step on the road of revitalization of transformation and upgrading.

          Release potential and display advantages

          In 2016, BYD's new energy automobile and parts production base project completed the off-line production of complete vehicles, ending the history of Chengde without automobile manufacturing enterprises, which has played a great role in promoting the industrial transformation and upgrading of Chengde. After nearly a year's unremitting efforts, the project's production line with an annual output of 2000 pure electric buses has been put into production. This leading industrial project is a breakthrough in the green development of Chengde City, and has also made outstanding contributions to the industrial transformation and upgrading of Chengde City and the implementation of air pollution prevention and control.

          In recent years, with the increase of investment attraction and the rise of private enterprises, Chengde's equipment manufacturing industry has a complete range of categories, including intelligent instruments and meters, wind power equipment, ground (water) source heat pump equipment, oil mining equipment, auto parts, automatic conveying equipment, automatic weighing equipment, mining machinery Advanced equipment manufacturing industry represented by energy-saving and environmental protection equipment.

          Chengde's equipment manufacturing industry is becoming bigger and stronger at the same time. A number of enterprise groups with comprehensive strength such as suken Yinhe connecting rod, Rehe croni Instrument Co., Ltd., boguan industrial group, Tianbao machinery, Jinjian testing instrument and bentwanda are growing, and have become representative enterprises in the field of advanced equipment manufacturing in Chengde city.

          After years of development, Chengde equipment manufacturing industry has shown the characteristics of increasing technological innovation ability and increasingly remarkable brand construction effect. Chengde enjoys a high reputation in the fields of flowmeter, automatic weighing equipment, transportation equipment, petroleum machinery, wind power equipment, automobile connecting rod and so on.

          The data show that at present, Chengde has 1 national enterprise technology center, 11 provincial enterprise technology centers, 29 high-tech enterprises and 2 provincial engineering laboratories. 32% of the process equipment has reached the domestic advanced level. Computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) technologies have been popularized in the backbone enterprises of equipment manufacturing industry in the city.

          Accumulate a lot and make little progress, with broad prospects

          During the 13th Five Year Plan period, Chengde will firmly grasp the major opportunity for the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, strive to maintain the development growth rate of equipment manufacturing industry at more than 20%, form a number of achievements and standards with independent intellectual property rights, and make breakthrough progress in the R & D, manufacturing and complete set capacity of major equipment; Form a number of specialized cooperative enterprises that can participate in the division of labor of major equipment in China.

          Last year, the products of suken Galaxy connecting rod Co., Ltd. were favored by domestic automobile manufacturers and rated as excellent supporting enterprises by many automobile brands such as Beijing Hyundai, Dongfeng Yueda Kia and GAC Fiat. Moreover, it has become a supplier of many joint ventures and national brands such as Shanghai GM, DPCA, Great Wall motor and Chang'an logo Citroen.

          By the end of 2015, with total assets of 440 million yuan, suken galaxy was the largest professional passenger car connecting rod manufacturer in China. The market share of connecting rod products reached 13.5%, and was awarded the leading enterprise in the connecting rod industry. The company has developed into a national connecting rod enterprise and a pioneer enterprise with independent R & D capability. It has also taken the lead in mastering a large number of cracking processing technologies, filling the gap in domestic high-end powder metallurgy connecting rod processing technology. The company's annual R & D expenses exceed 3% of its sales revenue.

          Focus on the development of new energy vehicles, key auto parts, industrial robots and other industries, improve the level of key parts, basic parts and key automation required by characteristic equipment, and promote the development of equipment manufacturing industry towards high-quality, systematic, high-end, large-scale and collectivization. With the high tech Zone as the core, it extends northward to Shuangluan district and Longhua County, and southward to Chengde County and Kuancheng, making every effort to build a "uplift belt of Chengde characteristic equipment manufacturing industry".

          It is reported that in 2016, the city planned to reserve 156 equipment manufacturing projects with a total investment of 124.4 billion yuan, focusing on 16 projects such as vision intelligent fan and BYD pure electric bus, with a total investment of 9.96 billion yuan and a completed investment of 1.67 billion yuan. There are 54 equipment manufacturing enterprises above Designated Size in the city, with total assets of 8.03 billion yuan, main business income of 7.03 billion yuan and added value of 2.32 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.3%. These figures strongly show that Chengde equipment manufacturing industry has accumulated a lot and has a very broad market prospect.

          Transformation and upgrading to cultivate emerging

          Where is the supporting point to achieve the development goal of equipment manufacturing industry? "Highlight characteristics, focus on R & D, cultivate backbone, strengthen integration, introduce and improve, and become bigger and stronger". Chengde has determined to focus on transmission equipment, wind power equipment, petroleum equipment, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment and auto parts, rely on the existing foundation, improve the manufacturing level, integrate processing capacity, pay attention to system integration, cultivate leading backbone, introduce leading enterprises, and promote the development of equipment manufacturing industry in the direction of high-quality, complete sets, high-end and collectivization.

          Focusing on key parts and complete sets of equipment, we will promote the integration and extension of the industrial chain, supporting division of labor and value promotion of key products, build a complete industrial chain supporting system, and focus on accelerating the transformation and development of Huayuan automation, Jinjian testing, suken Galaxy connecting rod, croni instruments, Wuyue testing and control and other enterprises, so as to make every effort to move towards industrial 4.0. Strive to implement a number of major projects in aerospace materials, automatic control, photoelectric technology, industrial robots, digital design, remote sensing surveying and mapping, so as to promote the development of relevant supporting industries in Chengde while improving the level of equipment manufacturing industry in Chengde.

          Focus on new building materials, wall materials, high-performance gear steel, alloy drill bits and other aspects to carry out in-depth cooperation with Xi'an Wall Research Institute, China Steel Research Group and other scientific research institutes and large enterprise groups. Focus on cultivating the industrial system of intelligent manufacturing equipment represented by new sensors, intelligent control systems, industrial robots and complete automatic production lines.

          Only rely on their own strength to develop, can only be a small development; Only by strengthening the construction of the park, forming an industrial agglomeration effect, actively undertaking the industrial transfer of Beijing Tianjin equipment manufacturing industry and supporting high-end products, and strategic cooperation with large groups can we complete the geometric expansion and fission.

          At present, Chengde equipment manufacturing industry is gradually recovering. Relying on the advantages of resources, talents and technology, accelerate the industrial integration, transformation and upgrading of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, and strive to build a uplift belt of characteristic equipment manufacturing industry. Chengde will usher in another spring of economic development and forge ahead in a new round of economic development.

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